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OH HAI! Welcome to the Diaspora Co. BLAWG! We spent a lot of time overthinking this space all summer long, before realizing that it's better to just press publish than be held back by perfectionism and anxiety. So here goes! Expect one post per week, on all things #DiasporaLoves! Today, it's turmeric-laden skin care 101 from this desi girl turned cali girl! 

I (Sana Javeri Kadri - chief feelings officer here at Diaspora Co. HQ) haven't used face wash since I was 14. In general, I'll be honest and say my skin is pretty golden and pimple-free. However, when I moved to Oakland last spring, my skin went through it's most dramatic phase yet. Suddenly, I was breaking out like a fifteen year old, covered in blackheads and generally feeling like I was deep in the throws of puberty. I bought my first ever tin of concealer during that phase- I'm not a fan of having stuff on my face, so that wasn't a purchase I enjoyed making or using (though it's been great for rushed Tinder date prep when the bags under my eyes are looking a bit too raccoon like to be self-love worthy). ANYWAY - this past year has been the year I've really learned to take care of my face, and developed a skin care regimen that works for me and still feels relatively simple and quick.

Senior year of college, my roommate started dating a girl whose skin was so flawless it made me a bit breathless. I asked her about it, and she casually mentioned that she had a seven step skin care regimen that she'd gladly share with me. I burst out laughing whilst she stared at me expectantly. It was one of those awkward college kitchen conversations that my roommate and I look back on and chuckle over- he knew for fact that beyond slathering my face with honey on occasion, my skincare regimen was absolutely non-existent and usually involved swiping his bar of soap in the shower. 

So, 12 months later, here's my 3 step skin care regimen. I grew up regularly applying a mix of turmeric and chickpea flour on my face and body- an indian beauty treatment that BOTH my grandmothers could shockingly agree on (they weren't particularly agreeable). Then, whilst visiting my dear friend Norma Listman in Mexico City, I discovered the Fat and the Moon Masa and Olive Oil Face Paste and loved it's moisturizing and exfoliating double whammy! So I combined all those things into one vat of #MillenialFaceGunk, and my skin has never loved me more. It's moisturizing, glow-inducing, exfoliating and cleansing all in one. WHATTA STAR, WHATTA DEAL.  So here goes- 


1. Millennial Face Gunk by Sana™  - 

  • Mix together 1.5 cup raw honey, 2 tsp extra virgin olive oil, 3 tsp corn meal and 2 tsp turmeric really well. Store in an airtight container for up to three months! 
  • You can wiggle around with the amount of corn meal, turmeric and olive oil that works for you! 1. For the turmeric- a friend who is white tried it and needed considerably less turmeric in there than my already turmeric toned desi skin is able to handle. 2. For the corn meal- I like a lot of exfoliation but if you want something more gentle, use less! 3. For the olive oil- I've definitely made batches with too much, and it's made the mixture overly oily and completely fallen off my face. Just add more honey and mix until you get a consistency that stays on your face comfortably!
  • I usually apply this before I brush my teeth in the morning, leave it on whilst I'm brushing (ideally that's 2 full minutes) and then wash it off right after. 

2. Thayer's Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner - This stuff is magic. I always thought toner was for high maintenance biddies - turns out, being an occasionally high maintenance biddy gives you NAICE AF SKEEN. It takes some of the yellow pigment from the face gunk out, and leaves my skin feeling cool and taut like I'm 12 and pre-pubescent again, in a non-creepy way. 

3. Glossier Invisible Shield Sunscreen - Once the toner has dried onto my face, I squirt four pumps of sunscreen onto it and really rub it in. My acne break outs would usually lead to icky dark spots and marks all over my face. Being consistent with toner + sunscreen has totally eliminated that for me. Wahoo! I'm also 100% a Glossier groupie, which is a whole other conversation about learning to love my own damn skin tone + loving makeup that I can apply just with my fingers + the magic of their millennial marketing. 

4. Ojodelasol Cannabis Salve - I'm an athlete, a chronic pain train (#brokemydisco) and generally do a lot of things that make my muscles sore and make sure I wake up feeling like a cranky tin man. Applying this salve has weaned me off of pain meds, healed my back scars tremendously, and is what I use after exercise, first thing in the morning, and anytime I start to feel pain in my body. I really take the time to massage it into my skin (usually my lower back, my neck and my butt). Nothing compares, and nothing has convinced me of the healing power of cannabis quite like Ojodelasol. <3 

*5. Occasional face mask - I discovered Aztec Secret's Bentonite Clay fairly recently, and found that mixing it with apple cider vinegar and letting it dry on my face and then washing off before bed, especially when it's the week of my period and my skin is behaving all kinds of wonky has been a wonderful pimple zapper. I've tried to research the company a little, but beyond finding shady internet click holes about Father Kniepp and Death Valley hippies, I haven't found much to go off of! 

Anyway. That's all for this week. Send us photos of your Millennial Face Gunk and/or #turmericyellow everything. It makes us squeal. We'll be back next week with some GORGEOUS naturally dyed textile magic! 

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