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Turmeric Popcorn Spice

Turmeric Popcorn Spice

Turmeric Popcorn Spice

Turmeric Popcorn Spice


We’re taking a break from new orders as we catch up on the 10,000+ preorders that have allowed us to keep paying our partner farms through the pandemic, and to ensure healthcare and security to our 150+ farm laborers across India that are most vulnerable right now. We’ll be back in stock really soon, please sign up to be notified! Thank you for your support and patience!

As certified stovetop popcorn addicts, we came up with this recipe over a year ago whilst trying to find delicious ways to showcase our turmeric at events. When folks were coming back for seconds and thirds, and asking if we could ditch the spices, and just sell popcorn, we knew we were onto something! It's cheesy, earthy, salty goodness - and when popped in ghee (do it!), it's truly perfect. 

Working with Jacobsen Salt Co., who produce and source some of the finest salt in the world to bring it to life was the ultimate collaboration. 


We highly recommend first drizzling your popcorn (ideally stovetop or air-popped, but microwaved works too) in melted ghee (we do 1:1 kernels to ghee, but you can be more sparing!) and then adding the seasoning, this will help the spice stick to each kernel better, and gives it an incredibly rich, nutty flavor. 

Mix well until each kernel is a light yellow colored- this is most easily done by assembling your popcorn in a gallon zip lock bag, but holding down the lid on a pot and giving it a good shake works just as well! 


Popcorn Spice 3.17oz (90g):

  • Jacobsen Salt Co. Sea Salt
  • Diaspora Co. Turmeric
  • Nutritional Yeast


  • Ancient Organics Ghee 8oz (236.6ml)
  • Edison Grainery Multicolored Organic Popcorn 16oz (454g)


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