Who are you, even? 

Sana Javeri Kadri, wide eyed captain of this turmeric yellow ship, sometimes also referred to as founder, chief feelings officer, or head gremlin. I wrote a detailed piece about why I started Diaspora Co. and what we hope to become here

Are you hiring? 

We are looking for a business development intern, and an operations intern for Spring 2018. We'd love to work with college students in the Bay Area who are able to use the internship as a way to earn college credit, with the possibility to extend into a paid internship during the summer for the right fit. We've spent the fall developing an internship program that is a mix of business skills and development, and food/social justice readings + field trips. If you're interested in working in the world of sustainable food, we'd love to have you on board. Please email with subject line 'internship'. 


What do I do with my turmeric? Do you have recipes that you recommend on how to incorporate turmeric into my cooking and diet? 

Funny you should ask! We're actually publishing a community cookbook and looking for submissions! You can read more here. SUBMIT! From cocktails to heirloom dishes, we want to hear from you! Meanwhile, we've curated turmeric recipes from across the inter webs that you can browse on our Pinterest - from drinks, to breakfasts to mains, we've got you covered whether you're looking for an anti-inflammatory fix or just want a more golden hue in your dinner. 

How long will my turmeric powder stay fresh for? 

Most spices lose their potency 18 months from when they were first ground. So we'd recommend using your turmeric within one year of purchase. We're always making sure our turmeric is freshly ground before it makes its way to you.

And if you find yourself with some leftover turmeric more than 12 months from now, never fear! Dye your sheets with it!  

When will my order ship?

As of January 1st 2018 - We fulfill orders on Mondays and Tuesdays. All orders placed before Monday morning 9am will be shipped that week. All orders placed after Monday 9am will be shipped the following week. Thank you for your understanding and patience with the schedule and hustle of small business order fulfillment!

Who designed your logo and packaging? 

Our longtime muse, inspiration and incredible designer Sophie Peoples! She's the founder of @halfcourtqueers, a queer basketball team in the Mission, and can be found spilling food and feelings @sophiehoney.

How do I stay in the loop on all Diaspora Co. happenings, events, new products and future projects? 

Sign up for our email newsletter here! We also collaborate with restaurants, coffeeshops, bars, community groups and brands on all sorts of fun so if you have an idea- drop us a line at and let's scheme together! 

 photo by the magnificent Laila Bahman. 

photo by the magnificent Laila Bahman.