Diaspora Cookbook Club: Eid Feast Edition 6/30

Diaspora Cookbook Club: Eid Feast Edition 6/30


Diaspora Cookbook Club is back!

This time with the magical Anissa Helou’s stunning new cookbook - Feast: Food of the Islamic World, just in time for Eid!

Why? Because documenting Islamic food traditions is important, and beautiful work! From Indonesia to Senegal, Helou has done a heroic job archiving and recipe testing these vast and fundamental food cultures that so often get dismissed in Western narratives of Islamic traditions.

When? Saturday, 30th June 2018

Where? At Diaspora Co. HQ in East Oakland

How does Cookbook Club work? idea is to share a meal from a cookbook every month and gather to discuss and feast. With each person cooking one dish, we get to try out a range of recipes from the cookbook all in one meal! 

PLEASE feel free to invite your friends or forward this along, we'd love to grow our cookbook club community! Here’s the Facebook event link.

Why does it cost $5 if we’re each bringing a dish? To cover chair rentals for 20 people, and to make sure we make a big batch of breads + veggies for everyone, in case everyone’s recipe experiments combust or turn to ash. It happens!

How do I get the book? Here’s the scoop, we tried to go the publisher route, but even with their 40% book club discount, Amazon is still cheaper. **we don’t understand capitalism either** So instead of trying to bulk purchase books for you all, you can purchase your books here and pick what you’re going to make! We can’t wait to see the spread!

*If buying a $47 book (or $19 e-book!) that you aren’t sold on sounds prohibitive but you still want to come to the potluck- email me at sana@diasporaco.com and we’ll try to find a way to have you participate anyway!

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