*PREORDER* Direct Trade Turmeric Powder

*PREORDER* Direct Trade Turmeric Powder

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Our very first, *SUPER* small batch shipment of organic, direct trade turmeric  is SOLD OUT! Thank you so much for your orders!

Our second batch arrives end of October! This is a *much* bigger shipment, so go big or go home! Stock up for Christmas presents, buy some for your mom, or drop us a note if you want a wholesale order! 

Grown in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, by Mr. Kasaraneni Prabhu, a 4th generation farmer- IISR Pragati is heirloom, single origin turmeric, that has a 4.7% curcumin content (read- the good stuff!). Licensed and branded by the Indian Institute of Spice Research, a non-profit agricultural research facility that works with farmers across the country to promote sustainable and profitable spice production.

Preordering now not only supports us *tremendously* as we grow, and enables us to give advances to our farmers, it also guarantees that you'll be one of the few folks who will be getting real deal single origin turmeric this year. Our next batch will be after the turmeric harvest in February 2018!

We charge a flat $6.5 shipping fee so we'd recommend getting a few jars/tins/bags and making it worth your while! 

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