SOLD OUT / An Heirloom Andhra Collaboration

SOLD OUT / An Heirloom Andhra Collaboration


Archana Pidathala's 2nd edition of her cookbook Five Morsels of Love is compilation of heirloom, traditional Andhra recipes- originally written in Telugu by her grandmother, Nirmala. Archana spent 9 years re-testing, adapting and photographing the cookbook (including teaching herself to cook!) to create this exquisite resource on Andhra cuisine and the power of heirloom recipes.

When Archana asked us to collaborate on a special limited edition run of turmeric, it all felt so beautifully serendipitous. Our heirloom Andhra turmeric, grown on a fourth generation family farm - in pouches made from a heirloom Andhra textile weaving tradition (Pochampally Ikat) to honor an heirloom Andhra cookbook? It was one of those we-have-to-do-this moments. 

We're also the first place in the United States to have the 2nd edition of Archana's cookbook in stock :')

Each order includes:

 - The 2nd edition of Five Morsels of Love by Archana Pidathala - $39

 - 100g of Powdered Single Origin Turmeric in a Pochampally Ikat Pouch - $11


+ $7 for shipping

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