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Welcome to Club Masala!

A very hands-on, spice-forward, highly inclusive quarterly Zoom cooking club. Join Sana and Asha and learn how to cook intuitively with spices and maximise your Masala Dabba!

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We like to think of Club Masala as our way of thanking those of you who have put in the monies for your own Dabbas. We know how much you’ve invested in our growing business and we want to invest in you right back with regular cooking classes and lots of face time. We’re community-grown in every way, and can’t wait to continue doing lots of fun things together.
- xo Sana & Asha

Here’s how it works:

All Masala Dabba owners instantly become lifetime members of Club Masala, but we know that not everyone needs a new dabba.

So, any Diaspora Co. community member that has spent $200+ in the past year gets to join in on the fun for a year as well! And for your friends & fam who don’t fall into either bucket but still wanna play, tickets are available for $15 per class, with proceeds being donated to a cause we believe in and will select each time.

*Not sure if you qualify or not? No worries, just shoot us an email at info@diasporaco.com and we'll let you know!

More coming soon...
Check out our Previous Classes!
Saturday 4/9, 2022
Spring Turmeric Gnocchi

Asha helped banish the potato scaries to make her amazing recipe for Turmeric Gnocchi with Spring Veggies!

Saturday 1/22, 2o22
New Year's Brunch!

We kicked off New Year's with a Saturday brunch of Asha's Saag-shuka and Sana's bloody Marys.

Thursday 12/9, 2021
Cocktails & Cookies with Sana & Asha!

For our extra holiday Club Masala class, Asha & Sana made Turmeric G&Ts and Asha's Cranberry Gingerbread Crumble bars!

Wednesday 10/6, 2021
DIY Dal & Masala Dabba 101 with Sana & Asha!

Our first Club Masala class! Sana & Asha cooked Sana’s dal recipe, talked about how & when to use different types of dal/lentils, and how they use their masala dabbas!

The Diaspora Collective
Join our Club Masala community app, the Diaspora Collective, where we share cooking tips, recipes, & more!

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