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Beverage Trio
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Beverage Trio

If you're like us and love to always have a tasty drink on hand, this is the kit for you! Use the jaggery to sweeten the chai, haldi doodh or for your other baking needs.


  • Chai Masala: 56g, Our dream blend: rich in cardamom and ginger, sweet with fennel and cinnamon, and spicy with a touch of pepper and cloves.
  • Haldi Doodh, 56g, The healing drink of our grandmothers, but made distinctly Diaspora! Use our blend to make the most delicious and well-rounded haldi doodh you've ever tasted.
  • Madhur Jaggery: 70g, A dark brown jaggery with deep flavor and that can be used similarly to brown sugar

Make our Masala Chai or Haldi Doodh and sweeten with the tastiest Madhur Jaggery. 


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