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Chai Caddy
Chai Caddy
Chai Caddy
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Chai Caddy

Our Chai Caddy, sand-cast in brass by our collaborators and friends at Green Heirloom, is inspired by the spirit of chai — a drink that's often on the move and that always tastes best in community.

Chai Caddy Dimensions

  • Caddy Width: 6.25"
  • Caddy Height: 6.25"
  • Cup Height: 3"
  • Weight: 1.8lb


  • Brass Chai Caddy
  • 4 glass chai cups

Cleaning Details

  • Clean the brass caddy with a metal cleaner like Flitz or pitambari powder
  • Glasses are dishwasher safe

Meet the Maker

Inspired by my Nani's beautiful chai caddy that was a feature of her kitchen table for years, we created this caddy to be both beautiful and functional. It is light and easy to carry around perfect for serving chai straight from your kitchen to a table of friends. The cups are just the right size for an afternoon or evening treat of sugar and caffeine. See our Chai Recipe here!

Founded in 2020, Green Heirloom is a company that produces eco-friendly, sustainable cookware and kitchen tools. With clear and significant emphasis laid on the traditions and rights of the artisanal community, Green Heirloom was founded to champion and platform artisanal craftsmanship, creating a more direct relationship between artisans and consumers.

This brass Chai Caddy has been created by artisans based out of a workshop in Kerala using a process called sand casting. Most of these artisans come from Moradabad, popularly known as the Brass City of India. While most families in Moradabad have been brass artisans for generations, the working conditions and pay they receive for their work is dismal. Through your purchase, you’ve allowed us to more equitably support these talented artisans, who are given higher pay at Green Heirloom (oftentimes 4x what they received in Moradabad) three meals a day, set working hours, and overtime pay. As you use your caddy to share chai with your friends and fam, know that your purchase goes an incredibly long way! 

Chai Caddy with 4 cups of chai sitting on a wooden kitchen counter in sunlight. There is a stack of 3 tins in the background of Jaggery, Chai Masala, & Chota Tingrai Black Tea


Our Chai Caddy is made of brass which is an alloy of copper and zinc. The cups are made of glass.

Length: 6.25in
Width: 6.25in
Height: 3in 

Weight: 1.8lbs 

The glasses hold about 2.5oz each.

The Chai Caddy is made of brass which is an alloy of copper and zinc. This material can patina over time - which is a natural process! If discoloration does occur, you can use pitambari powder or Flitz to get rid of it. We recommend applying it directly on the stain and rubbing it with a cloth. The glasses are dishwasher safe.

The Chai Caddy has been created by artisans based out of Green Heirloom’s studio in Kerala. Many come from a long line of brass artisans for generations! The Chai Caddy is sand-cast in brass and entirely handmade. No two will look alike - which makes each one entirely unique! Check out this behind the scenes video of the process!

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