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We'll be shipping these sticker sheets separately from the rest of your order to keep them nice and crisp!

Lid Sticker Sheet Lid Sticker Sheet Lid Sticker Sheet
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Lid Sticker Sheet


The rebrand you've all been waiting for! Want all your Diaspora jars to match? Buy a sheet (or two) to sticker all your old jars. Alternatively you could just hang it on your wall because this may be one of the cutest things our illustrator Aleesha Nandhra and graphic designer Swasti Mittal have ever created!


1 Sticker Sheet

25 Stickers

25 Stickers for all 25 of our Jar Spices

How to Use

Remove the old sticker, and place the new one on top of jar!

Meet the Maker

Aleesha Nandhra is an Illustrator and sometimes Printmaker with a sweet-tooth based in London.

Swasti Mittal is our graphic designer. When she's not working, she spends her time embroidering, watching probably too much television, reading, or baking.


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