2lb Powdered Turmeric Chef Bags

2lb Powdered Turmeric Chef Bags

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New packaging is here! We worked hard to find a more durable and sustainable packaging for these big bags. That being said, turmeric is best stored in glass, so we’d recommend emptying your bag into a nice big mason jar. We include an extra sticker with all chef bags so you can brand your mason jar of gold :)

Grown in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, by Mr. Kasaraneni Prabhu, a 4th generation farmer- IISR Pragati is heirloom, single origin turmeric, that has a 4.7% curcumin content (read- the good stuff!).

Our seeds are licensed and branded by the Indian Institute of Spice Research, a non-profit agricultural research facility that works with farmers across the country to promote sustainable and profitable spice production.

Ingredients - 100% Pragati Turmeric Powder

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