Pre-Order Cardamom!

Pre-Order Cardamom!

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Missed our Kickstarter but still want to pre-order some cardamom? We gotchu!

Potent, fruity, with a heady aroma— Diaspora Co. Cardamom is finally here!

Grown in grown in Udumbanchola, Kerala on the Chacko family farm amidst black pepper, coffee, and wildflowers. Mr. Abraham Chacko has been farming for his entire life, first as a conventional farmer, then as an organic farmer, and now as a pioneer of the natural farming movement in India. Before him, growing cardamom without pesticides in India was considered near impossible. Through years of trial and error, he was able to naturally breed an heirloom variety that could grow beautifully and thrive without any pesticides. We’re so honored to be working with him.

Ships in August!

Please don’t combine your pre- orders with anything else! Place pre-orders separately, and if you’d like to purchase something else from the shop that is currently already in stock, please do that separately! Thanks for your understanding!

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