Pre-Order the Good Goods Gift Basket!

Pre-Order the Good Goods Gift Basket!


Goodies from our favorite direct trade food biz friends! This is a basket full of the best stuff we know :)

Proudly featuring:

100g Jar of Diaspora Cardamom - the queen herself!

2 bars of Raaka Chocolate - A pioneer in transparently traded cacao, Raaka Chocolate was one of the companies that set the standard for how we wanted to do business. Making incredibly delicious chocolate helps too. 

16oz bottle of One Stripe Chai Co. - In a sea of terrible chai, One Stripe Chai Co. is making store-bought chai delicious again, and sourcing equitably to boot!

12oz bag of Bean Voyage Coffee - Women-powered coffee that collaborates directly with smallholder coffee farmers in Costa Rica to grow, harvest and roast their own beans. Taking back ownership of a colonial supply chain, one cup of coffee at a time!

Ships in August.

Please don’t combine your pre- orders with anything else! Place pre-orders separately, and if you’d like to purchase something else from the shop that is currently already in stock, please do that separately! Thanks for your understanding!

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