The Heirloom Cooking Gift Box

The Heirloom Cooking Gift Box


We made a holiday gift box featuring our favorite regional Indian cookbook, ‘Five Morsels of Love’ paired with our most loved Indian-ish pantry staples (perfect for cooking your way through the book with!) - Diaspora Co. turmeric, Ancient Organics ghee and Koda Farms rice. 

Chosen for being the most delicious ingredient out there, each item was carefully sourced with our shared values of being the highest quality, committed to agricultural sustainability and ensuring equality across the supply chain. 

  1. Five Morsels of Love - an heirloom Andhra cookbook full of recipes passed down from generation to generation by our collaborator and muse, Archana Pidathala. 

  2. Heirloom Kokuho Rose Rice - A Japanese-American short grain rice with a cult following from California’s oldest family-owned and operated rice farm and mill, Koda Farms. Personally, we have entirely given up a childhood/ancestral love of Basmati for a lifelong commitment to Kokuho Rose. 

  3. Ancient Organics Ghee - Made just up the street from us in Berkeley, CA, this ghee is made from organic butter from the Straus Family Creamery in Petaluma, CA. It’s got a deeply caramelized nutty flavor, and is the most delicious ghee I’ve tried outside of India. 

  4. Diaspora Co. Turmeric - You know, just the new gold standard of turmeric.

Includes a handwritten card illustrated by Manuja Waldia or Aleesha Nandhra, add your gift message at checkout!

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