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Our Turmeric is:

  1. FRESH - same-year harvest, milled every 3 months

versus powders that can be up to five years old, still sitting on a grocery store shelf. Our turmeric retains its floral fragrance due to its freshness.

2. POTENT - made of a pure heirloom variety

versus conventional turmeric, made of a blend of multiple low-quality varieties. Half a teaspoon of our turmeric equals one teaspoon of conventional turmeric in flavor and potency.

3. ANTI-INFLAMMATORY - double-tested 4.7% curcumin content

versus no guaranteed curcumin content or usually below 2.5%, if tested at all.

4. SUSTAINABLE - organically farmed

versus industrial spice farming sprayed with chemicals, grown for yield and storability. Our turmeric is grown for the best flavor, fragrance, and reversing soil depletion.

5. & EQUITABLE - directly traded and farmers paid up to 6x the commodity price

versus a fractured, unjust supply chain that only profits the traders and pays the farmers the least.

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