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All April '24 Salt Tiger preorder will be received in Nov '24! 

Salt Tiger
Salt Tiger
Sold Out until 2025
Sold Out until 2025

Salt Tiger

Tasting Notes

Made to level-up your cooking and keep your salt handy. This hand painted ceramic friend is perfectly sized for super comfortable pinching & spooning, and thoughtfully designed for clean storage and refilling.


Height: 5.5"

Width: 4.3"

Breadth: 4.5"

How Much Salt Does It Hold?

The Salt Tiger can comfortably hold one of our Surya Salt Chef Tins of salt without spilling. The spoon can hold just under 1 tsp of salt.

Care & Cleaning

To clean your Salt Tiger for its first use and beyond, just use regular dish soap. Once it has been wiped dry, add your Surya Salt and use your spoon to enjoy!

Meet the Maker

Designed with our mascot Elaichi the Tiger in mind and made to hold our Surya Salt, this Salt Sher, or Tiger, has been created in collaboration with Green Heirloom.

Founded in 2020 and based in Kochi, Kerala, Green Heirloom is dedicated to producing eco-friendly, sustainable cookware and kitchen tools. With a clear and significant emphasis laid on the traditions and rights of the artisanal community, Green Heirloom was founded to champion and platform artisanal craftsmanship and to create a more direct relationship between artisans and consumers.

Green Heirloom has produced this Salt Tiger with various professional potters, many of whom use techniques passed down from their forefathers. Our Salt Tiger is the byproduct of these traditional techniques and beautiful artistry!

This Serious Eats article details what makes the perfect salt cellar - all problems that we designed our Salt Tiger to solve.

The Salt Tigers are hand painted, so each tiger will be a little different, just like all of us, which is the beauty of this artistry anyway, so enjoy your own unique tiger!

An orange and white ceramic tiger head holds salt in its mouth, on a wood surface with a cobalt blue background and leaves curling around the edges of the frame.

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