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Spicy Dish Towel Trio
Spicy Dish Towel Trio
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Spicy Dish Towel Trio


The dish towels that your kitchen deserves!

Growing up, all our family's best textiles came from Sunita Aunty, my mum's favorite client, and one of the handful of amazing women that raised me. I grew up on the construction sites of the Synergy Lifestyles office and factory - spending school holidays, and many after school afternoons painting walls, "helping" to mix cement, digging through fabric samples and eating too many cookies in the conference room whilst my mum's attention was elsewhere. Watching these two powerful, independent women work together has been a driving force throughout my life. So to get to work with Sunita Aunty, a full 27 years later on dish towels for my own company feels very special. We've been using these bright, surprisingly absorbent, and quick drying dish towels in our own home for the past six months and they bring so much joy and color into our kitchen. I smile every time I walk by them, and hate when they're in the laundry pile. I hope you'll love them as much as I do. - Sana

Made from 100% organic cotton. 

Set of three 20" x 30" towels


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