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Diaspora Drinks Zine
Diaspora Drinks Zine
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Diaspora Drinks Zine

Gift this beautiful zine containing 19 recipes of our most popular drinks (plus some new exclusive ones) to yourself, your friends, fam, and frenemies. Cheers!


  • 19 drinks recipes

Recipe Types

  • Healing & Hot Drinks
  • Highly Sippable Cocktails
  • Non-alcoholic Bevy Magic


  • 2 exclusive drinks recipes only available in the zine!

Welcome to Diaspora Co.’s drinks zine! Over the years, our drink recipes have been far and beyond the ones you, our spicy little community, love (and make!) the most. So, we’ve compiled our most popular drinkies — plus, a few new recipes — into one highly spiced, extremely sippable collection.

It contains a mix of healing and hot drinks, cocktails, and non-alcoholic fun drinks. Some of these recipes exist on our blog already, but we've saved a few new ones exclusively for this zine, including Asha's Famous Eggnog (truly the best eggnog you will ever try), and the tastiest/prettiest Cherry Sumac Spritzer. We hope this zine makes using our spices and making these recipes that much easier. Plus, it's a thing of beauty you'll want just to look at. Cheers!


The pink drinks zine stands upright between 2 cocktails on each side, all on a white marble background

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