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Tadka Spoon Tadka Spoon Tadka Spoon Tadka Spoon
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Marrying artistry with industry, our Tadka Spoon is the result of an immensely vigorous design and manufacturing process. Use it to perfectly bloom your spices or fry your eggs.

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Large cup for making tadkas or frying eggs, long handle that won't get hot, hole for ease of hanging


Length: 14.9" | Cup: 2.17" x 5.12"

Use & Care of Tadka Spoon

Made with cold-rolled iron sheets. Care for exactly like a cast iron pan. Use over low flame because the cup heats up very quickly. Never wash with cold water after you use it; use boiling water instead.

Meet the Maker

This tadka spoon is designed in partnership with Tiipoi — a London based design studio with a workshop in Bangalore, and founded in 2013 by Spandana Gopal. Tiipoi believes that there is more to Indian design than just sticking an elephant on it, and that Indian craft has more to offer than simply repeating the past.

Stepping away from nostalgia, Tiipoi focuses instead on artistry and design. They choose to use materials that can be recycled easily in one piece, which is why your Tadka Spoon is made completely out of iron. When it comes to the end of its life, it will be able to be melted and re-used or returned to the earth.

Making a tadka is the process of blooming spices — when you heat spices in fat or oil, it brings out their flavor and infuses the oil in it. Tadkas are perfect to round out your dal, stews, veggies, rice, and more.