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Amriki Masala Trio
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Amriki Masala Trio

Three flavorful, spicy blends to upgrade your cooking or snacking game, no matter how you choose to use them. 


  • Popcorn Masala: 50g, For all us popcorn lovers, this blend is a take on the classic nutritional yeast x salt combo, but hella upgraded with garlic, turmeric, a hint of smoky heat, and a zing of chaat masala!
  • Steak Masala: 40g, While it makes a damn good steak seasoning, this masala adds bold, savory, herbaceous flavor to just about anything you sprinkle it on. Made for meat and veggie eaters alike.
  • Taco Masala: 40g, Inspired by the taco seasoning packets of our childhoods, we've taken this classic to the next level, so it packs a smoky, umami, and zesty punch.

If you want to choose your own spices, you can do so here!

Recommended Recipes:


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